Bree Peterson (formerly Brian Brytus)

I am a post-op transgender woman in Santa Rosa, CA. I'm an innocent victim of stalking, slander, hate crimes, harassment, abuse, conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder by my family and former friends, including my Dad (Brian P.), Sarah, Randy "Island" Forcellina and others. They recruit people by brainwashing them against me with slander and promising them large sums of money to participate in the abuse and murder of me.
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Went to look at houses yesterday!!! (good news)

We (my Dad and I) had a really good day yesterday!!! We went to look at houses! We found 2 really good homes and hopefully I will move into one of them with my cats soon!!! 😀🐥🐈‍⬛♥️

Still being abused, more updates

I’m still being abused by my Dad, but at least I am closer to moving into my forever home with my cats.

We are planning on looking at some inexpensive homes for sale in Lake County tomorrow. Hopefully everything goes well. I’ll keep you updated. I desperately need my cats and they need me. It’s been over a month since I’ve been able to see them. I miss them so much.

Also, today I’m moving from the motel in Rohnert Park to an Extended Stay in Santa Rosa.

My Dad (Brian) is refusing to talk to me unless I remove the names on my journal

My Dad is refusing to talk to me unless I remove the names on my journal. The only reason I have it up is for my protection. It’s my only therapeutic outlet to deal with the daily abuse that I go through. I’ll only even begin to feel safe once I’m in my forever home with my cats. He’s been extremely verbally abusive lately and yesterday kept threatening me when we were in the car; threatening to block my number, to spend all his money before he dies and leave me with nothing, make me homeless, never pay for anything, etc. He is a totally different person than he used to be. I’m scared. I’m his Autistic daughter and he’s been constantly abusing me and threatened. So yeah, I’m removing the last names on here.

Threatened on reddit, staying at motel in Rohnert Park and more updates

Someone recently threatened me on on my other reddit account. Click here to see the reddit comment thread. The original comment was deleted and also the post where they threatened me was removed by reddit. They said “see what happens this week” and again dead named me. Most likely, it is someone that has been lied to by Tim Johnson or Randy, and brainwashed into believing lies and slander about me.

I would go to police about the recent threat made against me, but they don’t seem to want to do anything about what’s been going on. They are protecting the criminals. Them, along with the FBI, have never taken this case seriously. This is why another law enforcement agency needs to get involved.

Also, as I’ve mentioned before in my journal, there was an incident that I had with my Dad one night and I got arrested and charged with a crime. I was being severely abused and threatened that week and my life was in danger that night. I acted in self-defense. He brought a knife to bed and held it against my throat. It’s in the police report. After that, he illegally kicked me out of the house on Gates Road and I’ve been essentially homeless, moving from place to place, trying to find stability. Anyway, last month, I got accepted into the mental health diversion program. I’ve been doing everything in my power to exceed the obligations of the court and program. I feel really good about this and plan on successfully completing the program.

I had my first hearing with the mental health diversion court recently and it went well. I’m doing everything I need to do. I’m confident that I will continue to be successful in the program until completion. I feel good about my future and feel like things are going to get a lot better moving forward. I trust that my Dad will fulfill his promise of purchasing a forever home for me and my cats, Starshine and Sydney.

Almost all of the people in the group have decided not to go along with their plans to abuse and murder me, but there are still about 10 people in the group that are continuing to go along with it. Randy, Marc, Tim and a few others continue to contact new people and spread lies and slander about me and recruit new people to participate in the abuse and murder of me (using directed energy weapons). Still, I feel good and optimistic about my situation moving forward because things are a lot better than they were and seem to be getting better.

I am staying at a motel in Rohnert Park temporarily, until my Dad buys me a forever home for me and my cats. I feel mostly safe here. I’m lonely, though, and miss living with my Dad and cats, Starshine and Sydney. Hopefully, within a month, I’ll be in my home and feel more comfortable/safe. I miss my cats dearly.

Just because I trust that my Dad is going to fulfull his promise of buying me my forever home for me and my cats doesn’t absolve the fact that he is an abusive father and the worst Dad in the world. He is controlled by Sarah and does whatever she tells him to. She wants me to remain disinherited in his trust.

He used to have a will that named all 3 of his children (me, Thomas and Sarah) as equal beneficiaries, with each to receive 1/3 of his estate. After that, he got rid of the will and set up a trust that named the 3 of us, along with his sister, Bernita, each at 25%. It also stated that Sarah and I are allowed to live on his property on Gates Road forever. After the incident in June, he disinherited me from his trust and has yet to set up anything else for me. This was mostly due to being influenced by Sarah. He said that the home that he is going to purchase for me will be left to me in his trust/will. He also said that he will make sure that I am taken care of and will leave me enough money to be able to support myself for the rest of my life and to “live a comfortable life”. While I trust that he wil do this, he has made it clear that Thomas and Sarah will inherit a lot more than me. He used to be so open and honest about his finances, but since early December he’s been a completely different person and has been verbally, emotionally, psychologically and mentally abusive to me more often than not. In December, to my surprise, he said that Sarah will inherit the entire Gates Road property, which is worth around $1.8M. I asked if each of his children will at least inherit the same amount of money, since she will be getting over $1.5M more than me in assets with the property. He got extremely verbally abusive with me and aggressive and said that I will be receiving a lot less than Thomas and Sarah. He also said that he might spend all of his money (around $6M) before he dies. To me, this really just means that he will plan on transferring most of his money to the rest of his family before he dies and leave me with the bare minimum to make sure that I’m not homeless. He has threatened to never buy me another used car when my 20-year old Lexus breaks down. He also threatened to never buy me another laptop or cellphone again or stuff that I need. I’m his Autistic daughter and I’m unable to work. Technically, I need more assistance than Thomas and Sarah, since they can work. Sarah just chooses not to work because my Dad gives her thousands of dollars a month, takes her grocery shopping, buys her whatever she wants, lets her live rent-free on the property and basically spoils her while abusing me. As I’ve mentioned, ever since early December, he has “gotten off” on spoiling Sarah and abusing me. As weird as it sounds, he has turned it into a weird fetish because Sarah now controls him and his finances.

My Dad hasn’t let me visit him at his house in over 3 weeks and has stated that I can never visit him on his property ever again. This is because he plans on buying Sarah a new car and doesn’t want me to see her new car and the other home that he plans to build for them on his property. The property has 62 acres and 3 homes on it already. He plans on building a 4th home. It also has a small cabin with straw insulation. It’s worth around $1.8M. He can easily let me stay in the empty cottage, but he said he wants to rent it out. He has estranged me entirely from the family. He told Sarah and Thomas to never talk to me again and refuses to give me Thomas’s number again for me to keep in contact with him. I miss seeing Thomas and his girlfriend, Alex. For the 6+ years that I lived with my Dad, I used to look forward to seeing Thomas and Alex around the holidays and random days that they would visit. Now, I’m completely estranged from my family. It hurts. I was abandoned by my biological family while I was in high school, for no reason. Anyway, when my Dad gets me my forever home, I plan on not letting him come over. He said he wants to come over a couple days a week and spend the night, but I honestly don’t want to see him ever again after what he’s done to me. I mean, I do but I don’t. I miss him so much. But I miss the old him, not the current him.

Anyway, I created a simple page on to just list some of my links, similar to my Linktree.

That’s pretty much all that’s been going on the past week. I’ve just been hanging out in my motel room, waiting for my Dad to buy me my forever home so I can see my cats, Starshine and Sydney, again.

Screenshots from reddit:

My psychopathic stalkers and abusers are still in Santa Rosa – Police and authorities need to take my claims seriously before it is too late

My stalkers and abusers, Randy Forcellina AKA Island, Sarah, Bill Brytus (my biological brother who abandoned me at a young age, along with my biological father), Tim Johnson, Adam Levy, Matt Kreuter, Marc Colligan, Jan Greenbaum and others are still spreading slander about me and showing everyone around the community (Santa Rosa, CA) fake conversations or conversations that they had with underage children. They come up with the most disgusting, perverted slander. They have a mind control cult and are trying to brainwash my Dad (not my biological father but he took me in over 6.5 years ago) into abandoning me so that they can infiltrate his life and steal his money or get things from him. I hope my Dad doesn’t actually let them into his life. It would be the worst decision of his life.

Randy has been stalking me, abusing me, slandering me, and using directed energy weapons to torture and slowly murder me for almost 20 years. Adam Levy has been doing it for close to 10 years, along with Tim and Matt. Bill Brytus recently got involved in their attempt to murder me and replace me with one of them in my Dad’s life. Unfortunately, much of my family, such as Thomas, Sarah and Bernita and her children have fallen victim to their brainwashing and mindlessly go along with their plot to murder me.

I have Autism, PTSD and other mental health issues and they see me as an easy target to victimize and ultimately murder. They send people down a brainwashing rabbit hole and create the sickest, weirdest keywords/phrases and crazy, perverted stories about me.

For the record, I am a post-op transgender woman. I had gender reassignment surgery on 8/8/18, the happiest day of my life. I have a vagina. I do not have a penis or testicles. I do not produce testosterone. Also, I am a virgin and Asexual. They tell people that I’m a man and a pedophile, but it’s actually the opposite. My driver’s license says Bree Peterson (Female), my Social Security card says Bree Peterson and I’m registered as a female with the Social Security Administration. My passport ID still has my old name but it has been changed to Female. My birth certificate from NY has been changed to Bree Peterson, Female.

They live in NY and in Randy’s case, Nashville TN now. They come out here every once in a while to stalk, harass, slander and attempt to murder me, while brainwashing my family that I have been a part of for 6.5 years. They attempt to brainwash the entire community and city of Santa Rosa into believing the most outrageous, perverted slander about me.

Sonoma Sheriff, Santa Rosa Police, FBI etc. need to finally take my claims seriously and investigate them and bring them to justice, before it is too late. They are a danger to me and the community. They need to go back to where they came from and leave me alone.

I moved to California 7 years ago to escape their sick abuse, torture and attempts to murder me. They usually come out here for a few weeks at a time then leave for a while then come back. They convince neighbors and people around me to let them stay with them and give them access to the directed energy weapons in exchange for whatever they want.

My Dad (Brian), supposedly being a gay man, should know better than to allow them into his life. They commit hate crimes against me virtually all day.

Police and authorities still haven’t taken my claims seriously. Maybe if it was their daughter or child being murdered, instead of me, they would take these claims seriously. These sick, transphobic psychopaths are getting more and more aggressive with their efforts to slander, stalk, torture, abuse, and murder me. They just continue to brainwash more and more people with their technology.

Again, they are a danger to me and the community of Santa Rosa and beyond. They need to be, at the bare minimum, in prison for life. They are psychopaths who have what is called the “Dark Triad” personality in psychology terms. Some people speculate that psychopaths with these personality disorders are responsible for all of the suffering and destruction in the world.

Again, I am begging authorities to please take my claims seriously, investigate them, and quietly bring them to justice, for the protection of myself and the community.

I’m the only Bree and I still don’t have witness protection, nor are my claims taken seriously by authorities yet

My stalkers claim that there is more than one Bree and come up with the most ridiculous slander and lies about me, in order to recruit people to participate in the abuse and murder of me, using directed energy weapons. Anyone who participates in the abuse and murder of me or becomes part of their sick mind control cult is either 1) falsely promised money or other things to go along with their plans. 2) brainwashed into believing the ridiculous slander about me or 3) a sadistic psychopath that enjoys abusing an innocent transgender woman.

My Dad (Brian) is threatening to leave me homeless if I continue speaking out…

My Dad (Brian) doesn’t like that I am vocal about my abuse. He has threatened to make me homeless in Santa Rosa if I continue to post on my blog. This is my only outlet to express what’s going on in my world. I go through a tremendous amount of abuse every day. This is my therapeutic outlet to help me deal with and cope with the abuse, hoping that someone will discover what’s going on and make them stop. My Dad has threatened to make me homeless if I kept speaking out and told me to take my blog down if it was “for my own good”. I am autistic and unable to work. He knows that I depend on him. He has been emotionally abusing me for the past month.

Bill Brytus is participating in the murder of me. And more updates…

My biological brother, Bill Brytus, traveled from New York to Santa Rosa to participate in the abuse and murder of me.

My stalkers/abusers are using directed energy weapons in an attempt to murder me. They brainwash people by using their technology to insert creepy thoughts, images and voices into my mind, while having other people tune in and claim that it originates from my mind. They manipulate my thoughts and change my inner voice to make it sound however they want. They mentally, emotionally and physically abuse me every day. They create sick, cryptic, inside jokes and weird phrases/keywords that they repeat over and over in order to reinforce their brainwashing.

They are ritualistically abusing me every day and have not stopped in about a week, since Randy Forcellina came back into town. Randy Forcellina convinces neighbors to let him stay with them by brainwashing them until they believe the crazy lies that he’s created about me. Everyone knows that his lies aren’t true and that most of the lies pertains to things about him, but they are still brainwashed into going along with it. Randy Forcellina promises people whatever necessary to get them to participate in the abuse, torture and murder of me. He promises people that they will have a home on my Dad’s property and a certain amount of money. He has what is called the “Dark Triad” personality.

Part of the reason why people go along with it is due to herd/mob mentality but mostly because people want money from my Dad and they know that they will never get it from me. Randy Forcellina has read my Dad’s mind for the past 4 years and uses the fact that my Dad is a pervert and sex addict to his advantage to manipulate my Dad into going along with whatever he wants, even if it is to the detriment to his family and himself. Randy ultimately wants ultimate control over my Dad’s finances so that he can steal his money and keep it for himself and his real family, which is his wife and 2 kids in Nashville. Randy doesn’t want anyone besides his wife and 2 kids to be part of his family, but he mind controls my Dad into making him and his friends part of our family.

They use their technology to sleep deprive me and and they are physically assaulting me with their technology. They spread the most creepy, perverted slander about me and create false stories about me and spread it around to everyone they can. They are ultimately jealous of me and my family and want to infiltrate my Dad’s life . They are literally murdering me and the police and authorities aren’t taking it seriously.

People involved in the murder of me include my Dad (Brian), Randall “Island” Forcellina, Sarah, Tim Johnson, Bill Brytus, Jan Greenbaum, Angela and other random people that they get to participate.

My Dad and I were so close. Now he is murdering me…

Randy Forcellina has convinced my Dad, Brian, and the rest of our family to participate in the abuse and murder of me. My Dad has been emotionally and verbally abusing me for the past month.

My Dad took me in over 6 and a half years ago and became my father. A few years later, we fell in love and he also became my partner/husband. We had an official ceremony and exchanged vows. He was my Dad first and foremost. But we were also life partners and husband and wife but without the sex. I loved him more than anything.

My Dad, Randy and the following people are involved in a plot to murder me…

Santa Rosa Police Department, Sonoma County Sheriff and the FBI need to investigate and bring the following people to justice: Brian (my Dad), Randall Forcellina AKA Island, Sarah, Thomas, Matthew Kreuter, Tim Johnson, Jan Greenbaum, Bill Brytus, Angela and others that they have convinced to assist in their plot to murder me.

Randy Forcellina has convinced my Dad (Brian) and the rest of our family to participate in the abuse and murder of me. My Dad has been emotionally and verbally abusing me for the past month. At various times in the past, my Dad has abused me in many different ways and is now involved in a plot to participate in and assist in the murder of me. Randy Forcellina manipulated him and others into going along with his plot to murder me.

Earlier this year, my Dad threatened to murder me one night while we were in bed (we used to sleep in the same bed) and pulled out a knife and put it against my throat and said he was going to murder me that night and lie to the police and blame me for what would transpire. I was always sweet to him and loved him more than anything and we had an extremely close relationship and lived together for the past 6 and a half years. I was the closest one to him in his life and we did everything together, but Randy Forcellina told him lies about me and manipulated him into abusing me and to murder me and that he would be happier if I was dead. We got into a fight as I fought for my life and it ended with my Dad being stabbed in the neck and being rushed to the hospital. I got charged with a criminal offense as a result.

My Dad recently has become more abusive toward me. I am his Autistic daughter. I depend on him to pay half of the rent of the room that I rent in a townhome for $1050 a month and still visit his home to see my cats. He wants me dead and has made it very clear to me. He manipulates me by going back and forth between pretending he loves and abusing and threatening my life. All I want is for the authorities to investigate and bring them to justice before it is too late.

My stalker is planning on murdering me soon. I am scared for my life. The authorities need to investigate him immediately and bring him to justice before it is too late.

Recently, I heard through an acquaintance of mine that my stalker, Randy Forcellina AKA “Island”, traveled from Nashville, Tennessee to Santa Rosa, California to murder me. He arrived here about a week ago. He did what he normally does, which is make up slander and lies about me and convince my neighbors to let him stay with them temporarily, so that he can be close to me and murder me. He also did what he normally does with neighbors where ever I live, which is falsely promise them a large amount of money to participate in the stalking, abuse and murder of me. Yesterday, at around 6:45am when I walked outside to my car to visit my Dad (Brian), I noticed someone walking behind me. They stood beside my car and I quickly locked my cars. He was wearing a hoodie and had the hood pulled over his head and I couldn’t make out his face. I looked at him for a few seconds and got scared. He kept standing there next to my car looking at me. I quickly locked the doors of my car. I fear for my life. I heard from the acquaintance of mine that they also contacted my roommate and told her the most outrageous lies about me and convinced her to participate in the murder of me for a large amount of money. Randy AKA Island has tried to do this at every place that I have lived, but ultimately every neighbor came to realize that Randy’s lies weren’t true and that he wasn’t planning on paying them to help facilitate in the murder of me. For many years, I have been sending in tips to the FBI and local police departments to alert them of Randy’s plans. This matter has never been investigated, unfortunately. Police need to finally investigate Randy and bring him and his group of co-conspirators to justice. I am documenting this once again, in hopes that if I end up dead, that this matter will be investigated and that Randy and this group of people will be brought to justice. -Bree

Mentally abused and slandered at motel again

My main stalker/abuser, Randy aka Island, has people in the motel room next to mine (I’m at the motel 6 south in Santa Rosa in room 105 and they have people in 104 now) and they keep making loud noises and repeating the same keywords/phrases that he tells them to and repeating the same slander that he made up. They do it so that I can hear. This is severe mental abuse. I’m checking out tomorrow morning, anyway. How does he find these dumb/gullible people to participate in the abuse of me?

Herd Mentality in Gang Stalking

Herd Mentality in Gang Stalking

Almost all of my stalkers/abusers are of low intelligence and gullible and they stick together. They defend each other, no matter what, despite knowing deep down what they’re doing is wrong. A lot of it is due to herd mentality (Wikipedia page on herd mentality), groupthink (Wikipedia page on Groupthink) and deindividuation (Wikipedia page on Deindividuation).

My main abuser, Randy aka Island, brainwashes people into believing lies/slander about me and then acts as if he is the authority of their group. He is always controlling the narrative and knows how to suppress individuality and free thinking in his group. He has become a cult leader, of sorts, and people just blindly follow him because he has a core group of people that will always remain loyal to him, no matter what. This influences and persuades the others in the group (especially newcomers). He is a narcissistic abuser (with psychopathy and a Machiavellian personality, which forms the “dark triad”, in psychology terms) and he depends on his “flying monkeys” to help him control the narrative, dominate the conversation every waking moment, and suppress the views of anyone that goes against his plans in any way.

99% of people that they have recruited to participate in the abuse of torture of me have stopped abusing me because they eventually see through their bullshit and lies and realize that what they’re doing is wrong. The 1% that continue to go along with it are either sadistic psychopaths, jealous/envious, brainwashed/gullible, or have been (falsely) promised things.

Even though 99% of people eventually see through his bullshit, not many of them are courageous enough to actually stand up to the bully/abuser. Fortunately, I do have someone on my side that’s in my stalker/abuser’s group. This person (over the v2k and in person) doesn’t want me to be abused and is genuinely a good person. Let’s just say he doesn’t fit in with the group. The easy thing would be for him to just walk away, but he continues to defend me and refuses to compromise his morals. He sees and knows the truth, and – while he can’t be there all the time to defend me and counter the nonstop, ongoing brainwashing of new people that they recruit – when he is around, he is able to think and speak for himself and not just blindly follow orders of my main stalker/abuser. Like I said, my main stalker/abuser has become a cult leader, of sorts, and people see him as the authority. They will blindly follow him, even if it’s to their detriment. They will give him money, lie, steal and cheat for him, and put their own lives on the line, because they feel a loyalty and allegiance to him. This is because they have been falsely promised a bunch of things and are delusional enough to believe that they will get what they were promised.

Most of those that see the truth and decide not to go along with his plans just bow out and stop participating in the abuse, torture and slander of me (and brainwashing of others – new people that they try to recruit).

Groupthink requires individuals to avoid raising controversial issues or alternative solutions, and there is loss of individual creativity, uniqueness and independent thinking. The dysfunctional group dynamics of the “ingroup” produces an “illusion of invulnerability” (an inflated certainty that the right decision has been made). Thus the “ingroup” significantly overrates its own abilities in decision-making and significantly underrates the abilities of its opponents (the “outgroup”). Furthermore, groupthink can produce dehumanizing actions against the “outgroup”. Members of a group can often feel under peer pressure to “go along with the crowd” for fear of “rocking the boat” or of how their speaking out will be perceived by the rest of the group. Group interactions tend to favor clear and harmonious agreements and it can be a cause for concern when little to no new innovations or arguments for better policies, outcomes and structures are called to question. (McLeod). Groupthink can often be referred to as a group of “yes men” because group activities and group projects in general make it extremely easy to pass on not offering constructive opinions.

The herd mentality is so rampant and ridiculous that there have been days when almost all of the members of his group have taken my “side” and defended me and told the truth and not gone along with his plans, only to change their minds hours later, after being brainwashed by my main stalker/abuser/the group leader. Some days, this has happened several times. Most people in the group just go along with whatever others in the group do and are afraid to be singled out. One person in the group pretty much always sides with whatever position their friend in the group takes.

My main abuser/stalker is a master at manipulation. It’s what he’s been doing all day, every day for the past 15 years. It’s pretty much his job. He is a con artist/scam artist/bullshit artist/thief. He has even been arrested for wire fraud, larceny 4th degree, larceny 6th degree and more. His whole life has been about creating schemes and scams and defrauding people. He has gone to prison for wire fraud, and hopefully, will end up in prison again because of what he is doing to me.

As for the other members of his “group” – the ones that blindly follow him – they’re not immune to the consequences of their actions. They will get arrested too, if this is ever investigated. Or, they’ll just continue to keep doing what they’ve been doing, which is wasting their entire lives and spending all of their money slandering me and torturing me and brainwashing others. My main abuser/stalker has even lost jobs due to him spending his entire life and all of his time torturing and abusing me. He is desperate and has nothing besides his flying monkeys and these directed energy weapons/bci.

My stalker is in a motel room near me… this is scary!

Randy aka Island is trying to claim that he is me and is even in a motel room next to me. This is creepy. I’m at the motel 6 south in Santa Rosa room 105. Randy is supposedly in a room next to me and has been torturing and abusing me, along with others. I’m safe for now. He wants to claim to be me, Bree, and wants to steal my identity after he murders me. My legal name is Bree Peterson. I have all of my ID’s on me. I was born as Brian Brytus. Randy is trying to claim that he is Bree Peterson and people actually believe him. He tells people to dead name me and to call me by the wrong pronouns. These are hate crimes. He wants to steal my identity, websites, social media, etc and infiltrate my Dad (Brian)’s, life.

Randy aka Island, my narcissistic abuser, has what I’ve coined “delusional identity disorder” – he literally wants to be me

I think one reason why my abuser, Randy aka Island, constantly attacks my gender is because he is secretly jealous that I’m a woman and that he is a 42-year old straight male with a wife and 2 children. He is loyal to his wife and I’ve heard that his wife is supportive of what he is doing (trying to defraud my family/Dad out of money and steal whatever is mine and to get to stay on my Dad’s property) because it means that their family will ultimately benefit. Randy/Island has never expressed interest in transitioning or claimed to be a woman up until a little less than a month ago. Now he literally wants to be me. He’s even talked about wanting to get leg-shortening surgery to be as short as me and dying his black hair brown. He wants to infiltrate my Dad (Brian)’s life and claim that he’s a better version of me or something. He is delusional. Up until just recently, I’ve lived with my Dad for 6 years. We spent every day together, slept in the same bed most nights, he tucked me in every night, we did everything together, we were best friends and inseparable. Randy tells people that he has a secret relationship with him. This is false. Once again, he is a compulsive liar. Randy aka Island is a con artist.

Why do people “side” with Randy aka Island, the 42-year old right-wing republican man over me, the liberal transgender girl?

To all of you going along with Randy’s bullshit lies, slander and abuse of me: You guys chose the side of Randy (a 42-year old republican man that has made anti-California and anti-liberal tweets) instead of believing me (a liberal transgender woman with the best Dad in the world)?

All I’ve done is tell the truth about Randy and his flying monkeys. At least I’m a good person and don’t abuse people. Randy comes up with the creepiest, most perverted slander ever created. He comes up with the most psychologically twisted, perverted sexual slander and corrupts everyone around him. It’s disgusting.

Why would anyone want to be associated with him? The only reason is because he has mind-reading and mind control technology.

He has no relationship with my Dad (Brian) and never will. He tells people that he does. He is delusional. For 6 years, up until just recently, I spent literally every day, all day with my Dad. We did everything together. We were basically like soulmates, despite me being his daughter that he took in 6 years ago. We’ve never been “romantic”; he’s always been my Dad, first and foremost. My Dad doesn’t even know what Randy looks like.

Also, Randy literally stole everything about me and my personality and history that people liked and attributed all of his bullshit to me.

Randy is nothing more than a con artist.

My Dad will never go along with what Randy wants. He hates Randy based on what I’ve told him. Any family members of his that go along with Randy’s plot must think my Dad is dumb and don’t know him well enough. He doesn’t like being controlled and he doesn’t want anyone else living with him, not in the house and not on the property.

This is the truth about my stalker/abuser and I…

Most of the slander that my main abuser/stalker, Randy aka Island, makes up are projections. It’s sad that I actually have to type this out and post it online, but my narcissistic abuser has created the most outrageous slander and so here’s the truth:

I am a woman, not a man.

I’ve never had any facial hair (my abuser had a goatee 3yrs ago).

I never had a real job due to having Schizoaffective disorder, autism, social anxiety, CPTSD and being disabled.

Randy aka Island creates the creepiest, most disgusting, most perverted slander ever created and corrupts people.

Randy’s smear campaign is rooted in jealousy/envy. He desperately wants to be me. It’s creepy. I coined the term “delusional identity disorder”. He thinks that he is me, Bree.

I’ve never owned a company.

I knew my stalker in person because I rented the top floor of his office. I paid him around $13,000 that year.

My stalker/abuser has never given me anything or any money.

I’ve never had access to the energy weapons that they use on me.

I’m a virgin. I never used my penis for anything sexual, when I had one. I never received a blowjob or had any type of intercourse sex. I’ve only given a few blowjobs. That’s the extent of my sexual history.

Ever since I was 15yrs old, my goal was to save enough money to get gender reassignment surgery.

In 2014, after researching gender reassignment surgeries, my main stalker’s voice came back in my head and he was saying transphobic stuff to me and calling me derogatory terms.

I’ve never met, let alone had sex with anyone named Cheyenne or Corinne. If you 2 are real people, then we need to try to sue Randy for slander.

Randy is a republican trump supporter.

Randy is a con artist.

Randy makes shit up daily.

Randy was a Freemason.

Randy comes up with creepy, twisted, psychological brainwashing keywords/phrases and has people repeat them over and over to me.

Do not believe anything he says.

He has already discredited himself.

Randy is a radio/Opie and Anthony Fan.

Randy is a convicted felon.

They use technology to insert images, voices, thoughts and feelings in me.

I’ve been reporting Randy to the FBI for more for over 10 years but he has been stalking me for 20 years.

Randy tries to turn thing around and act like he’s the victim, while regurgitating the same disgusting lies and slander.

This is narcissistic abuse.

Randy has malignant envy

Randy is a sadistic abuser.

There is nonstop brainwashing going on.

They just say the same shit over and over.

Same skits.

Randy tried to get his son Cole to claim that I molested him 3 years ago. Everyone around agreed that that is child abuse. He was 14 or 15 at the time?

Compulsive lying.

Do not believe anything he says.

Randy always wanted to start a cult, which he has now essentially.

It is either the complete opposite or pertains to him.

He has been doing this for 20yrs, since I was 15 and he was 20.

He wanted to prostitute me when I was passable.

They can insert artificial images, thoughts, voices and feelings.

Most people see through his lies.

He is a psychotic brainwasher.

Police should monitor/investigate him.

Randy dated an underage girl then claimed it was me.

Randy has told me about conspiracy websites and has mentioned conspiracy websites many times in the past.

Randy “studied” people and figured out what they love about me and what they hate about him and tried to literally “swap” our lives and histories.

Randy hates himself so much that he literally wants to brainwash people into believing that he is me and I am him. This is CREEPY!!!

Randy used the keywords “pizza” and “hotdog” on me back in 2008-2014 and would hypnotize me using some sort of energy weapons and ask me if I wanted to become a “pizza” or a “hotdog” and would say “milk”, “honey”, “cream”, “sugar”.

There is a looooot more, but these are just some of the facts about us.

My abusers put voices in my head and pretend to be me and manipulate my mind and body, while having others “tune in”, in order to brainwash

I get “V2K” and physical torture using energy (emf?) weapons. My main stalker puts voices into the heads of me and everyone around me. He pretends to be me and manipulates and brainwashes everyone around me. He moves my eyes and hits certain parts of my body and brain to cause specific reactions and uses that as part of his brainwashing. He wants to brainwash people into believing that I am the opposite of who I am.

Whenever I feel certain emotions like joy or sadness, my main stalker/perpetrator will use energy weapons on my prefrontal cortex to suppress my emotions. They also insert weird and creepy thoughts, voices, images and feelings into my head and has other people tune in, in order to brainwash them against me and claim that the thoughts or images originate from me. They can artificially induce fear by causing like a lump in my throat, hitting part of my brain, and speeding up my heart rate and creating certain physical feelings. They can also heat up parts of my body and make me sweat. They cause migraines, nausea, vomiting, dry heaving, physical pain and whatever else they feel like.

He usually has a group of people that are constantly manipulating my mind and body, while attempting to brainwash people that are “tuned in” to me. They say things and pretend to be me. With every verbal thought that I have, they change my inner voice in order to brainwash others and make them think that I have weird accents or sound weird. They are trying to portray me as the exact opposite of who I am.

I know who my perpetrators are, however, law enforcement is protecting them and not taking any of it seriously. Their ultimate goal is to murder me, after slandering me.

There is only one Bree – me, Bree Peterson AKA Bree Brytus (born Brian Brytus). My stalker desperately wants to be me (creepy!!!)

Like I’ve mentioned before, my stalker is now trying to convince people that he is Bree and that I am him. Again, I won’t even mention any full names, just in case it violates any terms of service. I’ve owned the domain name, which I bought from someone on Namepros, since early 2017. He (my main stalker/abuser), has never owned the domain name because he has never been into domain names in his life. He is a compulsive liar and has what I have coined “delusional identity disorder” – he desperately wants to be me. He has even talked about wanting to get leg-shortening surgery to look like me. I am 5’2 and a half and he is 5’10. He is creepy as fuck and needs to be institutionalized ASAP. He is scaring me with his creepy brainwashing, lies and slander. He needs to live his own life and go back to Nashville or Connecticut, with his wife. Again, why do people even listen to his bullshit? Why can’t people see through his lies right away? He gets more outrageous and creepy with his lies, slander and plans as time goes on. SMH 🤦‍♀️. He desperately wants to be me and it’s really creepy!!! People need to stop listening to his bullshit and finally listen to what I have been saying and writing for years.

My stalker is wasting his time slandering me and it will most likely backfire

I found this quote on the wikipedia page about “Smear Campaigns”:
Smears are also effective in diverting attention away from the matter in question and onto a specific individual or group. The target of the smear typically must focus on correcting the false information rather than on the original issue.

This is what my stalkers are doing to me. They are creating a smear campaign against me in order to divert attention away from the serious crimes and abuse that they have committed and continue to commit against me.

More specifically, my main stalker’s main agenda is to infiltrate my family, including my Dad, who I used to live with up until just recently. By creating a massive smear campaign against me, he is hoping that it will deflect away from all of his crimes and his underlying motive – to infiltrate my Dad’s life and try to become part of his family (or close friend of the family), so that he can try to have part of my Dad’s inheritance and live on the property or come over to visit, or be a friend of the family. He’s told me what his plans are.

Unfortunately for him, my Dad still loves me and always will, despite what happened recently. My Dad still loves me despite of what happened and he will never stop loving me. I’m his daughter. He also has a good bullshit detector and has been warned of my stalker by me, and knows to never to have any interaction with my stalker.

My stalker wants to change his name and try to infiltrate his life, but my stalker is a felon and can’t even legally change his name to something else. My Dad knows me and knows not to believe any bullshit that is said about me. Up until just recently, my Dad and I have spent the past 6 years together with each other, every day, doing everything together. We were best friends. I was the closest one to him in his life. He knows me extremely well and has been warned not to believe any slander about me that he hears. He’s never even met my stalker and doesn’t even know what he looks like. My stalker is either delusional or actually believes that he can strong-arm or brainwash his way into my Dad’s life and inheritance. It’s not going to happen. People going along with his plot, including family members, must think my Dad is dumb and don’t know him well enough. He’s smart enough to realize a con artist when he sees one and he doesn’t want to be strong-armed or controlled into doing anything. They’re wasting their time.

Malignant narcissism and how it relates to my stalker

“Malignant narcissism” is a psychological condition that my stalkers have.
Here is a link to the Wikipedia page on malignant narcissism.

Here is a link to an article about malignant narcissists: 12 Signs You’re Dealing With A Malignant Narcissist.

The above article pretty much describes my stalker to a T. He is sadistic and gains pleasure in torturing me and trying to make me suffer. Instead of looking for a job or doing something productive, he spends his entire life, virtually nonstop, trying to humiliate me by slandering me and recruiting others to participate in the abuse and slander of me.

He is a pathological and compulsive liar and will not only slander me, but creates new lies daily and on-the-spot. This is part of his “proactive manipulation”. He puts voices into mine and other people’s heads and uses this advanced technology he has (BCI, microwave weapons?, energy weapons, EMF weapons?) to brainwash others into believing whatever he wants people to believe about me.

In the above article that I linked, it mentions that “These acts of manipulation are calculated, planned, honed over years of use until they reach their peak of effectiveness. This is one of the key dangers of malignant narcissism – the free will of the victim is diminished and they grow ever more helpless to remove themselves from the situation.”

He has practiced and honed his brainwashing, slander and manipulation tactics over years, and he has reached his “peak of effectiveness”.

He has Antisocial tendencies, which includes being a pathological liar, thief, and is prone to volatile moods, aggression and hostility. When I am in the middle of countering his slander, lies and brainwashing and he feels that his brainwashing isn’t being effective enough or people are starting to see the truth, he resorts to using the energy weapons to “remotely” physically assault and torture me. He knows how to cause certain reactions and pain by targeting specific parts of the brain.

For instance, he loves to use energy weapons on my forehead/prefrontal cortex, because there is “an integral link between a person’s will to live, personality, and the functions of the prefrontal cortex”. He knows that hitting this area of my brain is one of the most severe forms of torture and deprives me of being able to live freely as a free human being and hinders me ability to be able to think creatively and enjoy my life and mind. He uses this technology to sadistically suppress certain emotions in me. For example, if I start to cry about something, he will immediately try to prevent this by using his energy weapons on my prefrontal cortex. This is one of the most sickest, most disgusting forms of torture that a human being can be subjected to. I know from this from personal experience in dealing with his sadistic abuse and torture. Unfortunately, I have nothing to block, shield or prevent this from happening (I have no idea what this technology looks looks like or how it works, but I’m almost certain that they use drones to carry out these attacks), so I have become an unwilling victim of his torture, for years.

Here is another article dealing with malignant narcissism; specifically, how to overcome a narcissist’s malignant projection and pathological envy: 5 Powerful Ways to Overcome the Narcissist’s Malignant Projections and Pathological Envy

The first thing it mentions is to “1. Collect evidence which says otherwise and, use this habitually as a reminder of the facts.” This is pretty much what I have been doing. Most of what he says about me are malignant projections and one of the ways that I’ve been countering his slander and brainwashing is by tweeting and blogging facts and evidence that back up the truth. He is a registered republican in Connecticut. He has no business being in California. He only came out here to stalk, slander, and harass me, and to try to steal everything away from me, including attempting to infiltrate my family (which primarily consists of my Dad who I lived with up until recently) and try to brainwash them against me, while also trying to become part of their lives and family. At a certain point, he even tried to claim that he was Bree Peterson / Bree Brytus and that I was him. That’s how much he hates himself and his life and situation – to the point where he wants to literally become me, and steal my life situation and claim that he is me. It is extremely creepy and he has what I coined “Delusional Identity Disorder” – He literally thinks that he is me, Bree (birth name Brian Brytus), and wants to literally try to become me. It is so creepy and disturbing to think about. Anyway, along with being a registered republican, he has made anti-California and anti-liberal tweets in the past (although he has probably since deleted them). See previous posts. He tries to show people “evidence”, ie: conversations/text, that is either faked or he impersonated me. He has been doing this to me day in and day out for many years and has pretty much devoted his entire life to targeting me, primarily out of malignant envy and malignant narcissism.

The second thing that the article mentions is to:

  1. Remember the feedback from empathic people you’ve received as well.
    When we’ve been in a toxic, damaging relationship like this, it is always advised to remember that there are empathic people out there who have supported you and told you the truth about yourself, rather than abused you and tried to hurt you with falsehoods. These are healthy, empathic, grounded human beings who praised you, loved you, comforted you, and reminded you of what you are truly worthy of and deserve. They are far more accurate in their assessments of you because they themselves come from a place of security, self-esteem, and sanity.

Throughout the torture, targeting, abuse, harassment, slander and use of “V2K”/energy weapons on me, I’ve come to realize that there are good people out there that 99% of people that he “recruits” to participate in his bullshit have eventually seen through his brainwashing, lies, manipulation and slander. The only people that continue to participate in it are either sadistic psychopaths, jealous/envious, brainwashed/gullible, were promised something (which he will never fulfill because he has nothing besides the technology and a group of people that remain foolishly loyal to him, even if it is to their detriment) or are too afraid to speak up (in fear of being targeted by him or of being seen as outsider of “the group”). One particular friend of his continues to go along with it because he lives with my stalker and my stalker has helped him in the past when he was in a difficult situation. He feels like he owes an allegiance to him, at all costs.

Anyway, I felt like that part of the article – about remembering the feedback received from empathic people – resonated with me, because throughout this journey of being targeted by him and his cohorts/flying monkeys, there have been really empathic and compassionate people that have given me comfort through their words or various ways in which they’ve stood up for me, not gone along with my stalker’s evil agenda, and tried to stop it from happening. Those people have nothing to gain, aren’t promised things in return for abusing me, aren’t brainwashed, come from an open mind, are secure in who they are and their position in life, and can not only see the truth of the situation, but have the courage to stand up to him and go against his wishes and the wishes of his group, even if it means getting backlash from the group and being singled out. These people have not only given me comfort but have given me hope that one day he will be stopped and that truth, goodness, compassion, empathy, humanity and Love will prevail.

Many people in the group have had my back, only to (sometimes hours later) side with him again, either because they’re brainwashed again or they see him as being more powerful and think that he will be successful in carrying out his plans.

His plan is to literally try to infiltrate my Dad’s life, and to become part of his family, while slandering me and brainwashing others against me.

He has told me that his ultimate goal is to have control over my family and take everything he can. Anyone who goes along with this is delusional or brainwashed. He is still married to his wife and has 2 children and that’s where his loyalty remains. Anyone in my Dad’s family that goes along with it is being swindled, hook, link and sinker, by a professional con artist.

My Dad – despite our recent hardship and change in our relationship and me not living there anymore – will never stop loving me. I will always be his daughter, even despite of recent events that impacted our relationship, and he still loves me and always will. Unless he is strong-armed and tortured by my stalker using his energy weapons into making him part of his family, he will never have a relationship with him. He knows enough – from what I have told him about my stalker and his abuse of me – not to bring him into his life. That would be the biggest mistake of his life. My stalker is the most toxic individual I have ever encountered and the stuff that he does to me is unheard of. It is the sickest, most disgusting form of abuse and acts as a demonstration of how diseased his mind is. The creepy, weird, psychologically twisted slander and stories that he comes up with are the most disgusting, perverted, evil things that I have ever heard of in my life (no one should even be subjected to hearing the creepy, perverted slander that he comes up with) and it is mind boggling how some people not only listen to it and tolerate it, but actually believe that there is any truth in it.

I guess my main point is that if you are ever told anything about me, and told to participate in the abuse and slander of me, you should not only not go along with it, but stick up for me and try to stop it from happening, and ideally, help bring me the justice that I deserve. My stalker/abuser needs to be arrested.

Randy Forcellina AKA Island’s anti-California, anti-Liberal, pro-Trump tweets

Disclaimer: This screenshot/post is not meant to be disparaging in any way. I am just posting random screenshots that I took while browsing twitter – Information that is/was readily available online. This is my personal blog and I’m just sharing random stuff/pictures/screenshots that I have on my computer. In some of my posts on this blog, I am basically just posting random shit I find and stumble upon heh.

While I was in California transitioning and getting ready for my gender reassignment surgery, Randy Forcellina AKA Island was on twitter was making anti-California and anti-liberal tweets. See screenshot below:

Island's anti-California tweet
Island's pro-Trump tweet

Randy Forcellina AKA Island is a registered republican

Disclaimer: This screenshot/post is not meant to be disparaging in any way. I am just posting a random screenshot that I took while browsing voter records on – Information that is readily available online. This is my personal blog and I’m just sharing random stuff/pictures/screenshots that I have on my computer. I’m basically just posting random shit I find and stumble upon and am not doing anything other than what that website ( does, which is regurgitate public information that is easily accessible. Link: Randall Forcellina on voter

Police need to finally investigate my stalker

End of discussion. The stalking has been going on for way too long. When will the FBI or police just look at his geolocation data and charge him with stalking, slander, harassment hate crimes, and conspiracy to commit murder. This needs to be saved in case I end up dead / murdered. The threats are increasing.

Name legally changed from Brian Brytus to Bree Peterson

My transphobic stalker keeps telling people that I’m really a man and to dead name me and call me by the wrong pronouns and to call me Brian Brytus instead of Bree Peterson. I had gender reassignment surgery (bottom surgery) on 8/8/18 (the happiest day of my life 😁) and recently my name and gender were legally changed with the county and with Social Security and DMV.

Name change from Brian Brytus to Bree Peterson

Scared for my life…

My Dad, who I live with, is going away for work for 4 nights at the end of the month. My stalker has threatened to murder me while he is away. He said that he is going to cut the Starlink satellite internet cable that runs along the outside of the house before breaking in and murdering me. I live in a very rural area where there is no cellphone (or internet) service at all, and I rely solely on satellite internet. If my stalker cuts the Starlink cable, I will have no way to dial 9-1-1. This is very scary! I was considering getting a hotel room for those nights, but I’m not sure if it will be any safer. If I end up missing/dead, my stalker needs to be investigated.

Might be getting guard / security dogs!

My Dad is letting me get 2 security dogs (German Shepherds) to protect me from my stalker. 🐕 🐕
I am still deciding whether or not to go this route, because I’m not sure how well they would interact with my cats.

Just got a security system from Costco

I just got a SimpliSafe security system from Costco. My stalker has threatened to murder me toward the end of the month, while my Dad is gone for 4 days. If I see my stalker near my property, I’m hitting the panic button and calling 9-1-1 💪

Temporary restraining order against my main stalker

On May 5th, I was granted a temporary restraining order against my stalker. My hearing is set for May 30th. It’s listed as Brytus v. Forcellina. Wish me luck!

Update: Unfortunately, I could not attend the hearing, because my Dad was out of town and I couldn’t make it. Plus, I was too nervous and scared to attend.

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