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Post-op transgender woman in Santa Rosa, CA. Victim of stalking, slander, hate crimes, abuse and conspiracy to commit murder by my Dad (Brian P.), family and former friends of mine. My Dad, Sarah H., Randy “Island” Forcellina and others have slandered me and brainwashed people into participating in the abuse and murder of me. I am being assaulted 24/7 and murdered using directed energy weapons.

My name is Bree. I was formerly known as Brian Brytus (birth name), but my current legal name is Bree Peterson. I’m a post-op transgender woman in Santa Rosa, California. I lived at 5775 Gates Road. My family, including my Dad and former friends of mine are actively engaged in a plot to murder me. They are slowly murdering me using directed energy weapons. However, since I’ve been vocal and found out about their plans, they are now plotting to murder me in a quicker fashion. The Santa Rosa Police Department, Sonoma County Sheriff, FBI and other law enforcement agencies need to take these claims seriously before it is too late.

They recruit people to go along with their plans by brainwashing them and falsely promising them things in return, such as money or homes. They use directed energy weapons to put voices into people’s heads and feed them the most outrageous lies and slander about me, including telling them that I am a pedophile and other stuff. I am actually a virgin. They created fake conversations in my name and brainwash people until they finally go along with their plans. They have slandered me to the entire community and told them to harass, abuse and commit hate crimes against me. They have contacted everyone they could find in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County and beyond and spread their slander to anyone that would listen. They send people down a brainwashing rabbithole by telling them the most ridiculous things and mind controlling them into believing their lies.

My family are the main people involved in this plot. This includes my Dad (owner of BRM Consulting), Sarah, Thomas, Erica, Angela, and Bernita. They – along with former friends of mine and random strangers – are going around telling people the most disgusting, perverted and ridiculous slander about me. Randy Forcellina AKA “Island”, Marc Colligan, Tim Johnson (of Mahopac, NY), and Matt Kreuter (of Mahopac, NY) are just some of the others that are involved in this.

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a sweet innocent woman. I had a very simple life with my Dad and 2 cats, Starshine and Sydney, before my Dad turned on me and went along with their plot. He is a sex addict and they manipulated him by giving him sexual favors and using their charm to convince him into letting them into his life.

My Dad and I had an extremely loving relationship. We first met in 2017 on Craigslist, after I posted an ad stating that I was a transgender woman looking for a room to rent. I had no family, friends or support at the time. I moved to the Bay Area in late 2016 because I like this area much better than the east coast and I needed to escape all of the transphobism, bullying, stalking and abuse by some of the people that I mentioned earlier, especially Randy Forcellina. For over 2 and a half years, my stalkers didn’t have my location. I had gender reassignment surgery on 8/8/18 – the happiest day of my life 😀. I moved in with my Dad on August 1, 2017 after getting to know him for a few months and visiting. From the start, he knew that I had no family and needed a Dad and from the beginning of our relationship, he became my Dad. We spent all day, every day together, having fun, going places together, and getting to know each other. We were inseparable and even slept in the same bed every night, after he would tuck me in and kiss me. We unofficially got married in 2020. He was the best Dad in the world.

In mid-2019, Randy Forcellina and his friend Marc Colligan found my location again. They didn’t know my location for over two and a half years. I cherished every day that I was free from their abuse. They and their friends would convince my neighbors to let them stay at their house, in exchange for access to their mind control technology (directed energy weapons), so that they could torture and harass me. They knew that my Dad was somewhat wealthy and from the beginning, their plan was to murder me and infiltrate my Dad’s life. My Dad is wealthy, but not as wealthy as Randy and their group tells people. My Dad has around $6M and a property in Santa Rosa worth around $1.8M.

Randy and his group of friends would periodically come out here and mind control my Dad and the rest of our family into going along with their plans to murder me. They would remotely sexually seduce my Dad and at a certain point, they convinced him to participate in the abuse and murder of me. As odd as it sounds, my Dad eventually turned the idea of abusing and murdering me into a fetish that he would get sexual satisfaction out of. My Dad, at times, has threatened to murder me or abandon me for being overweight. This would only happen when he was being mind-controlled. He has personally used these directed energy weapons on me to try to murder me on various occasions, usually only resulting in temporary, but severe organ pain. He would stop after a certain number of hours. I feared for my life many times throughout our relationship. He literally became Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. When the group was away and not using this technology on him, he would go back to being the sweetest, most loving father and husband ever, only to turn into a psychopathic, abusive “stranger” when they started back up.

Starting around early December of 2023, and ever since, he has been a changed man. He has been verbally, emotionally, psychologically and mentally abusive to me more often than not. He illegally kicked me out of our house at the end of June of 2023 during a mind-controlled episode in which he was threatening to murder me and I literally feared for my life one night and there was a complicated situation involving the police, which I might go into further detail on my blog. I became homeless and charged with a serious crime that night. Since then, he has promised to buy me a cheap home for around $300k somewhere in the area, but has failed to deliver on that promise and has kept dragging it out. I have moved much from place to place in the meantime, trying to find some stability. He makes up lies in order to justify not allowing me to visit him anymore. I haven’t seen my cats, Starshine and Sydney, in weeks. I desperately need my cats. They are everything to me. They’ve been my source of love and comfort and my foundation throughout this whole ordeal, especially when he was in his extended abusive, mind-controlled episodes, sometimes lasting weeks at a time. The cats need me and I need them. He spoils his other daughter, Sarah, who is also not his biological daughter, but someone that he unofficially adopted (along with Thomas and I). They both have a loving mother and father as well as having him as a Dad, while all I have right now is my Dad (Brian). Sarah is 39 years old and pregnant with a child from someone in Morocco that she met online and married when she visited him. She has no job or career because my Dad gives her thousands of dollars a month to do nothing. She said that she doesn’t plan on ever working again. Why would she, when my Dad spoils her and lets her live rent-free, takes her shopping for whatever she wants, and pays her a salary to sit on her ass and do nothing. My Dad gets off on spoiling Sarah and abusing me. It’s really disgusting, to be honest. My Dad also has paid a handyman around $150,000 in the past year to do virtually nothing around the house and just hang out, meanwhile he can’t afford to pay for an apartment for me and keeps making excuses about why he still hasn’t purchased me a home for me and my cats. But I digress.

I don’t think my Dad has even met anyone in the “group” in person besides our family members. They would only remotely sexually seduce him with their voices and brainwash him into believing that they would be a better “Bree” than me.

They tried to mind control him and others around the community into believing that there were literally more than one Bree, when I have always been the only Bree.

My Dad loved me so much, more than anything. Whenever the group would stop to go back to where they live on the east coast, and the mind control technology was turned off, our relationship would go right back to how it was. He was the best Dad and husband in the world most of the time, whenever they weren’t around to mind control him. He literally did everything for me, and we would show our love and affection for each other all throughout the day. Whenever the members of the group would be away, at their regular homes and jobs, my Dad and I would have the best relationship in the world. Our love was so strong that words can’t even describe it. It didn’t happen overnight, though. Our love was like a plant that slowly grew bigger day by day. Each day, our love grew stronger and stronger as we watered that plant together. We would hug around 20 times a day, kiss each other on the head and hold hands. We were never sexual, though. We were partners and lovers without the sex, because I was his daughter, first and foremost. Also, I am Asexual.

What I want more than anything is for my Dad to finally snap out of the brainwashing and mind control inflicted by the group and to come to his senses and go back to the way that he was. Unfortunately, Sarah and others use the technology on him at all waking moments and don’t allow him to feel his true emotions and instead constantly keep him distracted and focused on sexual perversions and exploiting the fact that he has a sex addiction. I’m his baby, his “bambina” as he would call me. I just want my Dad back. I want him to have his mind back. For the past month, he has been mind-controlled from the moment that he wakes up until when he goes to bed.

I can go on and on because our history and current situation is so complex and detailed, however I will end it here. I’ll post more details in blog posts.

Thanks for reading.

PS – If you ever come into contact with my Dad, TELL HIM TO COME TO HIS SENSES AND WAKE THE FUCK UP. Because if this case was actually taken seriously and properly investigated, he would be imprisoned for life or worse.

Love, Bree 🏳️‍🌈 ❤️

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