Bill Brytus is participating in the murder of me. And more updates…

My biological brother, Bill Brytus, traveled from New York to Santa Rosa to participate in the abuse and murder of me.

My stalkers/abusers are using directed energy weapons in an attempt to murder me. They brainwash people by using their technology to insert creepy thoughts, images and voices into my mind, while having other people tune in and claim that it originates from my mind. They manipulate my thoughts and change my inner voice to make it sound however they want. They mentally, emotionally and physically abuse me every day. They create sick, cryptic, inside jokes and weird phrases/keywords that they repeat over and over in order to reinforce their brainwashing.

They are ritualistically abusing me every day and have not stopped in about a week, since Randy Forcellina came back into town. Randy Forcellina convinces neighbors to let him stay with them by brainwashing them until they believe the crazy lies that he’s created about me. Everyone knows that his lies aren’t true and that most of the lies pertains to things about him, but they are still brainwashed into going along with it. Randy Forcellina promises people whatever necessary to get them to participate in the abuse, torture and murder of me. He promises people that they will have a home on my Dad’s property and a certain amount of money. He has what is called the “Dark Triad” personality.

Part of the reason why people go along with it is due to herd/mob mentality but mostly because people want money from my Dad and they know that they will never get it from me. Randy Forcellina has read my Dad’s mind for the past 4 years and uses the fact that my Dad is a pervert and sex addict to his advantage to manipulate my Dad into going along with whatever he wants, even if it is to the detriment to his family and himself. Randy ultimately wants ultimate control over my Dad’s finances so that he can steal his money and keep it for himself and his real family, which is his wife and 2 kids in Nashville. Randy doesn’t want anyone besides his wife and 2 kids to be part of his family, but he mind controls my Dad into making him and his friends part of our family.

They use their technology to sleep deprive me and and they are physically assaulting me with their technology. They spread the most creepy, perverted slander about me and create false stories about me and spread it around to everyone they can. They are ultimately jealous of me and my family and want to infiltrate my Dad’s life . They are literally murdering me and the police and authorities aren’t taking it seriously.

People involved in the murder of me include my Dad (Brian), Randall “Island” Forcellina, Sarah, Tim Johnson, Bill Brytus, Jan Greenbaum, Angela and other random people that they get to participate.


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