My Dad, Randy and the following people are involved in a plot to murder me…

Santa Rosa Police Department, Sonoma County Sheriff and the FBI need to investigate and bring the following people to justice: Brian (my Dad), Randall Forcellina AKA Island, Sarah, Thomas, Matthew Kreuter, Tim Johnson, Jan Greenbaum, Bill Brytus, Angela and others that they have convinced to assist in their plot to murder me.

Randy Forcellina has convinced my Dad (Brian) and the rest of our family to participate in the abuse and murder of me. My Dad has been emotionally and verbally abusing me for the past month. At various times in the past, my Dad has abused me in many different ways and is now involved in a plot to participate in and assist in the murder of me. Randy Forcellina manipulated him and others into going along with his plot to murder me.

Earlier this year, my Dad threatened to murder me one night while we were in bed (we used to sleep in the same bed) and pulled out a knife and put it against my throat and said he was going to murder me that night and lie to the police and blame me for what would transpire. I was always sweet to him and loved him more than anything and we had an extremely close relationship and lived together for the past 6 and a half years. I was the closest one to him in his life and we did everything together, but Randy Forcellina told him lies about me and manipulated him into abusing me and to murder me and that he would be happier if I was dead. We got into a fight as I fought for my life and it ended with my Dad being stabbed in the neck and being rushed to the hospital. I got charged with a criminal offense as a result.

My Dad recently has become more abusive toward me. I am his Autistic daughter. I depend on him to pay half of the rent of the room that I rent in a townhome for $1050 a month and still visit his home to see my cats. He wants me dead and has made it very clear to me. He manipulates me by going back and forth between pretending he loves and abusing and threatening my life. All I want is for the authorities to investigate and bring them to justice before it is too late.


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