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Went to look at houses yesterday!!! (good news)

We (my Dad and I) had a really good day yesterday!!! We went to look at houses! We found 2 really good homes and hopefully I will move into one of them with my cats soon!!! 😀🐥🐈‍⬛♥️

Still being abused, more updates

I’m still being abused by my Dad, but at least I am closer to moving into my forever home with my cats. We are planning on looking at some inexpensive homes for sale in Lake County tomorrow. Hopefully everything goes well. I’ll keep you updated. I desperately need my cats and they need me. It’s […]

Targeted Individuals Forum

Yesterday, I launched the Targeted Individuals Forum ( for fellow TI’s to connect and share their experiences with being targeted.

Threatened on reddit, staying at motel in Rohnert Park and more updates

Someone recently threatened me on on my other reddit account. Click here to see the reddit comment thread. The original comment was deleted and also the post where they threatened me was removed by reddit. They said “see what happens this week” and again dead named me. Most likely, it is someone that has been […]

My psychopathic stalkers and abusers are still in Santa Rosa – Police and authorities need to take my claims seriously before it is too late

My stalkers and abusers, Randy Forcellina AKA Island, Sarah, Bill Brytus (my biological brother who abandoned me at a young age, along with my biological father), Tim Johnson, Adam Levy, Matt Kreuter, Marc Colligan, Jan Greenbaum and others are still spreading slander about me and showing everyone around the community (Santa Rosa, CA) fake conversations […]

Bill Brytus is participating in the murder of me. And more updates…

My biological brother, Bill Brytus, traveled from New York to Santa Rosa to participate in the abuse and murder of me. My stalkers/abusers are using directed energy weapons in an attempt to murder me. They brainwash people by using their technology to insert creepy thoughts, images and voices into my mind, while having other people […]

My Dad and I were so close. Now he is murdering me…

Randy Forcellina has convinced my Dad, Brian, and the rest of our family to participate in the abuse and murder of me. My Dad has been emotionally and verbally abusing me for the past month. My Dad took me in over 6 and a half years ago and became my father. A few years later, […]

My Dad, Randy and the following people are involved in a plot to murder me…

Santa Rosa Police Department, Sonoma County Sheriff and the FBI need to investigate and bring the following people to justice: Brian (my Dad), Randall Forcellina AKA Island, Sarah, Thomas, Matthew Kreuter, Tim Johnson, Jan Greenbaum, Bill Brytus, Angela and others that they have convinced to assist in their plot to murder me. Randy Forcellina has […]

Mentally abused and slandered at motel again

My main stalker/abuser, Randy aka Island, has people in the motel room next to mine (I’m at the motel 6 south in Santa Rosa in room 105 and they have people in 104 now) and they keep making loud noises and repeating the same keywords/phrases that he tells them to and repeating the same slander […]

Herd Mentality in Gang Stalking

Almost all of my stalkers/abusers are of low intelligence and gullible and they stick together. They defend each other, no matter what, despite knowing deep down what they’re doing is wrong. A lot of it is due to herd mentality (Wikipedia page on herd mentality), groupthink (Wikipedia page on Groupthink) and deindividuation (Wikipedia page on […]

My stalker is in a motel room near me… this is scary!

Randy aka Island is trying to claim that he is me and is even in a motel room next to me. This is creepy. I’m at the motel 6 south in Santa Rosa room 105. Randy is supposedly in a room next to me and has been torturing and abusing me, along with others. I’m […]

This is the truth about my stalker/abuser and I…

Most of the slander that my main abuser/stalker, Randy aka Island, makes up are projections. It’s sad that I actually have to type this out and post it online, but my narcissistic abuser has created the most outrageous slander and so here’s the truth: I am a woman, not a man. I’ve never had any […]

My stalker is wasting his time slandering me and it will most likely backfire

I found this quote on the wikipedia page about “Smear Campaigns”:Smears are also effective in diverting attention away from the matter in question and onto a specific individual or group. The target of the smear typically must focus on correcting the false information rather than on the original issue. This is what my stalkers are […]

Malignant narcissism and how it relates to my stalker

“Malignant narcissism” is a psychological condition that my stalkers have.Here is a link to the Wikipedia page on malignant narcissism. Here is a link to an article about malignant narcissists: 12 Signs You’re Dealing With A Malignant Narcissist. The above article pretty much describes my stalker to a T. He is sadistic and gains pleasure […]

Randy Forcellina AKA Island’s anti-California, anti-Liberal, pro-Trump tweets

Disclaimer: This screenshot/post is not meant to be disparaging in any way. I am just posting random screenshots that I took while browsing twitter – Information that is/was readily available online. This is my personal blog and I’m just sharing random stuff/pictures/screenshots that I have on my computer. In some of my posts on this […]

Randy Forcellina AKA Island is a registered republican

Disclaimer: This screenshot/post is not meant to be disparaging in any way. I am just posting a random screenshot that I took while browsing voter records on – Information that is readily available online. This is my personal blog and I’m just sharing random stuff/pictures/screenshots that I have on my computer. I’m basically just […]

Police need to finally investigate my stalker

End of discussion. The stalking has been going on for way too long. When will the FBI or police just look at his geolocation data and charge him with stalking, slander, harassment hate crimes, and conspiracy to commit murder. This needs to be saved in case I end up dead / murdered. The threats are […]

Name legally changed from Brian Brytus to Bree Peterson

My transphobic stalker keeps telling people that I’m really a man and to dead name me and call me by the wrong pronouns and to call me Brian Brytus instead of Bree Peterson. I had gender reassignment surgery (bottom surgery) on 8/8/18 (the happiest day of my life 😁) and recently my name and gender […]

Scared for my life…

My Dad, who I live with, is going away for work for 4 nights at the end of the month. My stalker has threatened to murder me while he is away. He said that he is going to cut the Starlink satellite internet cable that runs along the outside of the house before breaking in […]

Might be getting guard / security dogs!

My Dad is letting me get 2 security dogs (German Shepherds) to protect me from my stalker. 🐕 🐕I am still deciding whether or not to go this route, because I’m not sure how well they would interact with my cats.

Just got a security system from Costco

I just got a SimpliSafe security system from Costco. My stalker has threatened to murder me toward the end of the month, while my Dad is gone for 4 days. If I see my stalker near my property, I’m hitting the panic button and calling 9-1-1 💪

Temporary restraining order against my main stalker

On May 5th, I was granted a temporary restraining order against my stalker. My hearing is set for May 30th. It’s listed as Brytus v. Forcellina. Wish me luck! Update: Unfortunately, I could not attend the hearing, because my Dad was out of town and I couldn’t make it. Plus, I was too nervous and […]

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