Threatened on reddit, staying at motel in Rohnert Park and more updates

Someone recently threatened me on on my other reddit account. Click here to see the reddit comment thread. The original comment was deleted and also the post where they threatened me was removed by reddit. They said “see what happens this week” and again dead named me. Most likely, it is someone that has been lied to by Tim Johnson or Randy, and brainwashed into believing lies and slander about me.

I would go to police about the recent threat made against me, but they don’t seem to want to do anything about what’s been going on. They are protecting the criminals. Them, along with the FBI, have never taken this case seriously. This is why another law enforcement agency needs to get involved.

Also, as I’ve mentioned before in my journal, there was an incident that I had with my Dad one night and I got arrested and charged with a crime. I was being severely abused and threatened that week and my life was in danger that night. I acted in self-defense. He brought a knife to bed and held it against my throat. It’s in the police report. After that, he illegally kicked me out of the house on Gates Road and I’ve been essentially homeless, moving from place to place, trying to find stability. Anyway, last month, I got accepted into the mental health diversion program. I’ve been doing everything in my power to exceed the obligations of the court and program. I feel really good about this and plan on successfully completing the program.

I had my first hearing with the mental health diversion court recently and it went well. I’m doing everything I need to do. I’m confident that I will continue to be successful in the program until completion. I feel good about my future and feel like things are going to get a lot better moving forward. I trust that my Dad will fulfill his promise of purchasing a forever home for me and my cats, Starshine and Sydney.

Almost all of the people in the group have decided not to go along with their plans to abuse and murder me, but there are still about 10 people in the group that are continuing to go along with it. Randy, Marc, Tim and a few others continue to contact new people and spread lies and slander about me and recruit new people to participate in the abuse and murder of me (using directed energy weapons). Still, I feel good and optimistic about my situation moving forward because things are a lot better than they were and seem to be getting better.

I am staying at a motel in Rohnert Park temporarily, until my Dad buys me a forever home for me and my cats. I feel mostly safe here. I’m lonely, though, and miss living with my Dad and cats, Starshine and Sydney. Hopefully, within a month, I’ll be in my home and feel more comfortable/safe. I miss my cats dearly.

Just because I trust that my Dad is going to fulfull his promise of buying me my forever home for me and my cats doesn’t absolve the fact that he is an abusive father and the worst Dad in the world. He is controlled by Sarah and does whatever she tells him to. She wants me to remain disinherited in his trust.

He used to have a will that named all 3 of his children (me, Thomas and Sarah) as equal beneficiaries, with each to receive 1/3 of his estate. After that, he got rid of the will and set up a trust that named the 3 of us, along with his sister, Bernita, each at 25%. It also stated that Sarah and I are allowed to live on his property on Gates Road forever. After the incident in June, he disinherited me from his trust and has yet to set up anything else for me. This was mostly due to being influenced by Sarah. He said that the home that he is going to purchase for me will be left to me in his trust/will. He also said that he will make sure that I am taken care of and will leave me enough money to be able to support myself for the rest of my life and to “live a comfortable life”. While I trust that he wil do this, he has made it clear that Thomas and Sarah will inherit a lot more than me. He used to be so open and honest about his finances, but since early December he’s been a completely different person and has been verbally, emotionally, psychologically and mentally abusive to me more often than not. In December, to my surprise, he said that Sarah will inherit the entire Gates Road property, which is worth around $1.8M. I asked if each of his children will at least inherit the same amount of money, since she will be getting over $1.5M more than me in assets with the property. He got extremely verbally abusive with me and aggressive and said that I will be receiving a lot less than Thomas and Sarah. He also said that he might spend all of his money (around $6M) before he dies. To me, this really just means that he will plan on transferring most of his money to the rest of his family before he dies and leave me with the bare minimum to make sure that I’m not homeless. He has threatened to never buy me another used car when my 20-year old Lexus breaks down. He also threatened to never buy me another laptop or cellphone again or stuff that I need. I’m his Autistic daughter and I’m unable to work. Technically, I need more assistance than Thomas and Sarah, since they can work. Sarah just chooses not to work because my Dad gives her thousands of dollars a month, takes her grocery shopping, buys her whatever she wants, lets her live rent-free on the property and basically spoils her while abusing me. As I’ve mentioned, ever since early December, he has “gotten off” on spoiling Sarah and abusing me. As weird as it sounds, he has turned it into a weird fetish because Sarah now controls him and his finances.

My Dad hasn’t let me visit him at his house in over 3 weeks and has stated that I can never visit him on his property ever again. This is because he plans on buying Sarah a new car and doesn’t want me to see her new car and the other home that he plans to build for them on his property. The property has 62 acres and 3 homes on it already. He plans on building a 4th home. It also has a small cabin with straw insulation. It’s worth around $1.8M. He can easily let me stay in the empty cottage, but he said he wants to rent it out. He has estranged me entirely from the family. He told Sarah and Thomas to never talk to me again and refuses to give me Thomas’s number again for me to keep in contact with him. I miss seeing Thomas and his girlfriend, Alex. For the 6+ years that I lived with my Dad, I used to look forward to seeing Thomas and Alex around the holidays and random days that they would visit. Now, I’m completely estranged from my family. It hurts. I was abandoned by my biological family while I was in high school, for no reason. Anyway, when my Dad gets me my forever home, I plan on not letting him come over. He said he wants to come over a couple days a week and spend the night, but I honestly don’t want to see him ever again after what he’s done to me. I mean, I do but I don’t. I miss him so much. But I miss the old him, not the current him.

Anyway, I created a simple page on to just list some of my links, similar to my Linktree.

That’s pretty much all that’s been going on the past week. I’ve just been hanging out in my motel room, waiting for my Dad to buy me my forever home so I can see my cats, Starshine and Sydney, again.

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